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Rate my model

A tool for scientists and philosophers to think about their non-human animal models and have conceptual keys to improve them

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General Description

Rate my model is a tool to assess the overall plausibility of your animal model regarding your question/goal of research.

The evaluation comprises 3 steps to complete:

  1. Qualify your model: describe your research context and your scientific question by typing short text.

  2. Plausibility of your model: rate your model and type comments. Each category of this section are subdivised in two criteria to evaluate.

  3. Fiability of associated data: evaluate your experimental setup and type coments.

  • The score of each criteria: assigned by yourself (-3 to 3).

    • negative score: allow to evaluate the difference between between what your model aims to model (your target) and what it actually models

    • positive score: similarity between your target and your model

  • The weight of each criteria: assigned by yourself (0 to 3).

    • 0: the criteria is non applicable (NA) to your model

    • 1: the importance of the criteria is low in assessing the plausibility of your model

    • 2: intermediate importance

    • 3: key aspect of your model

About score and weight (steps 2 and 3)

More information and instructions

  • You can add other criteria to evaluate specificities of your model not taken into account by the generic criteria proposed.
  • Add comments to justify each attributed score and associated weight.

    Please run the evaluation for only ONE model and its associated experimental protocol & research question at a time.
    One evaluation : one question of research, one biological scale, one evaluator.
    If your model can be used to study several phenomena, please repeat the evaluation for each of the phenomena.

    This tool is largely based on (Lemoine & Belzung, 2011), trying to extend it to basic research models.
    Quotations are extracted from this paper.
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